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Beth Inspires AHG

American Heritage Girls® is a Christ-centered leadership and character development program for girls. Through patch programs girls learn different life skills.

Through Beth's ambigram patch activities, girls will keep this age-old art form alive, while helping them learn how to see the world from new perspectives. 

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Beth Captivates Audiences

Beth's awe-inspiring presentations will wow audiences of all ages with her LIVE DRAWING of an ambigram followed by a captivating and 'ah ha' book reading. Additionally, she can share how her first ambigram happened by accident and how she discovered God's purpose for her life through this journey.

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Beth Offers Educational Resources

Students will enjoy these fun activities to help them dive into the scriptures to uncover God's upside-down ways. These lessons help teachers combine both the religious and secular celebrations of the holiday.

Meets Catholic State Requirements for 'By Year Learning Standards' for K-5.

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"These books are such an original concept. What I respect, perhaps most, is the way Beth uses her talent and ingenuity to share her faith with children." 

Loren Long - New York Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator. Including 'Otis the Tractor' books and his acclaimed illustrations in the revised classic, 'The Little Engine That Could'. www.lorenlong.com

“If you are looking for a great Christmas book with the WOW feature on every page, this is the book! With each Christmas tradition shown, the reader flips the book over, and as the kids ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ the reader continues with the story of the birth of Jesus. A must for your shelf, this book will become a Christmas tradition, read every year.”

KaSandra Feldmann - Librarian/Media Specialist - Mother Maria Anna Brunner Catholic School

“(This) new book by local author Beth Gully brings the Easter story alive for children in a delightful and faith-filled new way.”

Eileen Connelly, OSU Staff writer for The Catholic Telegraph

“What an innovative and creative concept, combining both the religious and secular celebrations of Christmas. This is a book you'll flip over -- literally.” 

Dave Richardson - '451 Books', Owner. Contributor for Highlights Magazine and Workshops