"The Other Side of Christmas" Goes International!

While visiting in Vermont and New Hampshire this past month I wandered into the Haskel Library. This is the library with a 'Border Line' down the middle of the hallway separating the United States from Canada. It was very cool to stand in both countries at one time.

Oh, and I mentioned my book, and they agreed to carry it! So now I'm an international author!

Traveling on up the road, I stopped in Biblairie CCG book store and they accepted 3 books into their collection. "As one of our only English written books, it will do very well here", the buyer said. "Usually we have to special order English versions for our customers, so they will be very happy." 

I'm brushing up on my French so I can communicate more effectively with all their staff, not just the English speaking staff.

Thank you Biblairie CCG and Haskel Library for allowing me to go international! My dream came true a year early!


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