DVD narrated book just won an INNOVATOR AWARD from the Summit Emerging Media Awards!!

Pictured are Amy Weis, voice talent for narration, and Beth Gully, author/illustrator of "The Other Side of Christmas".


Wanted to share what the executive director said about the book/video:

Judges from the Summit Emerging Media Awards 2015 agreed with the little boy. Out of more than 1,300 entries from numerous countries, only 7% earned recognition. Judges are creative professionals from all over the world.

"Recognition by the Summit International Awards (SIA) organization is a great honor," said Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director of the SIA.“ and Ms. Gully should be proud. Her creative images, viewable from multiple points of view, demonstrate both creativity and keen talent, and make this book-video captivating and original. 

 "The soothing flow of narration melds perfectly for a younger audience, adding a sense of awe and wonder. This project was definitely a strong Innovative Winner in the Summit Emerging Media Award." added Ms. Luciano.

The Summit Emerging Media Award (Summit EMA) evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and artists who push the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of emerging media. The three levels of recognition are Visionary, Innovator and Leader. The SIA Awards offer validation of creative work and function as a respected industry-wide critique.                                                                                                                             

“Those involved in today's emerging media technologies are the leaders who are establishing tomorrow's avenues of advertising communications,” said Ms. Luciano.

Pictured are Amy Weis, voice talent for narration, and Beth Gully, author/illustration of "The Other Side of Christmas".

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