AHG - Ambigram Patch for 'The Other Side of Christmas'

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This 2.5" vinyl patch, with a stitched edge, can be sewn or glued directly to your vest/sash. Or, for fun, create a manually rotating patch. Just sew a clear 1/4" button to your vest/sash. Then cut a small vertical 1/2" slit in the center of the patch. Slide the hole in the patch over the button and secure in place. Slowly rotate the patch upside down or right side up. Click here for download instructions

Show your friends that you've mastered the art of ambigrams by reading the "The Other Side of Christmas" upside-down book and completing the activity sheets.

What is an ambigram? It's a picture or word that can flip upside down or backwards to reflect the same image or something completely different. 

This Patch Program was developed by Beth Gully, author/illustrator of "The Other Side of Christmas" book, especially for American Heritage Girls®. However, everyone can enjoy the patch even if you're not in an American Heritage Girls troop. If you are a parent and would like to learn more about AHG®  you can view their brochure(s) at: or visit  

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