Fundraising Opportunities

The Other Side of Christmas Book

Fundraising Opportunities - 

Fundraising, with one-on-one selling, offers you the highest return rate. You can quickly raise hundreds of dollars for your missional purpose with 40% commission opportunities.

  • Church Mission Teams and Home School Directors:  It's hard to fundraise when you have don't have a product people want.  These flip over designs are best sellers in one-to-one sales environments because the book can be turned upside down for the prospect to see on the spot. Selling 100 books will earn you and your team more than $500. (Many customers will buy 5 or more at one time.)

  • Retail Price: $12.95/ea.
    You Pay Only $7.77,
    Earn $5.18 per book.

    These are designs they will FLIP OVER...literally. Call to place a fundraising purchase today! 
  • Retail Orders:  If you own a bookstore or gift shop we offer 40% commission off the retail price. Our Christmas book was the best-selling book during the holiday at four local bookstores/gift shops in the Cincinnati market. This book has traction in the marketplace and more media attention comes as we gear up during the holidays.

Proof Required for Organization Group Sales.
Proof Required for Retail Shop Orders.


Books will ship "Media shipping" which can take several weeks for deliver. For alternate shipping options, discuss with Beth directly.

For fundraising, one on one selling offers a high return rate. With up to 40% commission opportunities you can quickly raise hundreds of dollars for your missional purpose.

For Reselling in retail stores or reselling for fundraising opportunities please contact Beth: 513-659-2732